One of the best reasons to use *Proprep is to up your time management game. We all know how busy student life is and it’s all too easy to miss lectures, forget crucial information and cram at the last minute, all while kicking yourself. If that sounds familiar, here’s how to work on changing your mindset for the better.

Understand what time management is?

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Time management is not just about being naturally good with time. It’s an organisational process that enables you to plan time effectively, and anyone can learn how to do it. Excellent time management skills will allow you to work smarter so that you get more done with less stress, especially when time pressures are high. 

Audit where your time goes

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To nail time management correctly, you need to be honest about where your time goes. If you’re always rushed for time, there’s a discrepancy between how you think you spend your time and the reality.

Ask yourself honest questions around how you use your time and then work out what you can do to solve it. For instance, are you late with your Linear Algebra assignments because you’re finding the subject too tough? Have you left revision to the last minute because you’re unclear about what you need to do? 

Make a plan and stick to it

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Whatever the reason for your lack of time management skills, you need to break your to-do list into small actionable parts, arrange these in a logical timed sequence, and create a plan.

If tasks like revising are taking longer than expected, it’s likely to be down to you not being organised and that you haven’t factored in the time required correctly. Add in time constraints to every task and eliminate the time-wasting elements that you know hold you back.

In your plan, be specific about when you will do things. Don’t just assume you will catch up on lecture notes ‘some time this week’ – set a date and time! Likewise, if you know you’re always late for that 9 am statistics lecture, say no to the things that aren’t aligned with your priorities, like going out the night before or staying up late.

Lastly, regularly check your calendar for approaching deadlines and dates, so you know what’s happening daily.

When in doubt, use Pareto’s Principle 

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Otherwise known as 80% of the result can be gained by concentrating on the most important 20% of the task. If you are time-starved and on a deadline with no time to catch up properly, use this to help you determine what has to be done to get you the grades/results you need. Then, let go of the rest and put your focus here.